Expression of Reality

Creativity is such an incredible thing to carry and it promotes a kind of hunger to promote more.

It’s all about the feeling and mood I strive to covey. Its elusive quality can transform a subject or plant that conveys a sense of place and captures the magic. I like to focus on the details that I find so intriguing, I am faithful to the reality of my work and perfecting the realistic style. My art conveys a heightened artistic interpretation of the subject. My creative process begins with a unique composition, one that draws me into the subject, a close-up which can sometime be playful or serious.

My foundation comes from a collection of fine art college courses, professional artists (mentors), and workshops. I explored figure drawing and plein air with a variety of different mediums. My medium of choice is oil. I love the way the paint glides on the canvas and the vibrancy of the colors. Oil paints are forgiving and I am able to move and change the look I am striving to accomplish during the creative process.

The aesthetic pleasure of illuminated colors and forms is obvious in my paintings.  I am also interested in beauty.  It is something people respond to, is uplifting and hopeful. These are one with nature, one that radiates energy and life.

Capturing light and movement is everything – it’s my inspiration!

Preserving Beauty

Capturing Spirit

Embracing Nature